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Learn From Failure

Redemptive Mistakes Move You Forward

A redemptive mistake is a mistake that teaches and improves a person trying something new. By going where you haven’t been, despite the fresh mistakes you may make, you learn & move forward. See how.

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Biblical Timnah - Ancient Wall

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind Biblical narratives

A joint study by TAU and the Hebrew University, involving 20 researchers from different countries and disciplines, has accurately dated 21 destruction layers at 17 archaeological sites in Israel by reconstructing the direction and/or intensity of the earth’s magnetic field recorded in burnt remnants. The new data verify the Biblical accounts of the Egyptian, Aramean, Assyrian, and Babylonian military campaigns against the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

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Man Viewing Sunrise

Way More True Than Just True

Dr. Jordan Peterson thinks the significance of the Bible, the “first book”, is not tied to the question of whether or not it is true. Atheist or religious, he describes why it is a precondition for the manifestation of truth, as we know it in the Western World.

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Imagine a loving classroom in which teachers and students: Listen and talk kindly to one another (head). Deeply care that everyone is safe and successful

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Building a Loving World

  Positive Relationship Education   Eight topics: Respect, Compassion, Listening, Kindness, Gratitude, Love, Friendship, Care Reduced: Bullying, vandalism, neglect, depression, abuse, discrimination, anger, feuding  Increased:

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Dr. Jordan Peterson

Refuse to Participate in the Lie

Dr. Peterson talks about refusing to operate in the great lie, suffering, existentialism, overcoming trials to achieve goals and lifting 250,000 people per day out of abject poverty.

angry, businesswoman, conflict

Behind the Scenes of the Talmud

How does the Talmud deal with conflicting ideas? By taking a closer look at the inner workings of the Talmud, we can see how clarity is often the key to problem-solving.

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Modern Slave's Chained Feet

The Painful Truth Behind Modern Slavery

WHO KNEW? While few people intentionally purchase products involving enslavement and exploitation of workers, the harsh reality is our global supply chain relies on 40.3 million victims trapped in slavery.

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Why Meat Triples Cognitive Risk

Why may those who consume meat have up to three times the risk of developing dementia compared with vegetarians? AGEs may be one explanation.

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