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Who Are True Oppressors?

Douglas Murray, Author and Journalist
In today's oppressor-oppressed narrative, it's not always obvious who's the bad guy. This "one-minute-clip" clearly articulates a "truth-of-the-matter". (Video)
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Zev Farkas
Zev Farkas
6 months ago
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Truth and right do not always reside with the weaker side. The underdog isn’t automatically an innocent victim.

Reply to  Zev Farkas
6 months ago

I totally agree with you, what you’re saying is nothing less than self-evident. At the same time, how did the oppressor/oppressed narrative get so distorted? Douglas Murray expresses the chaotic thinking so eloquently! What is it about people that makes them want to go for such shallow, upside-down perspectives on matters such as native civilizations? And to be so wildly self-critical of their own civilization and culture? Why is there such massive momentum behind thinking that tosses truth to the wind? In exchange for what? What is so enticing in what looks like such self-destructive attitudes towards one’s own Western cultures?

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