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Wisdom & Truth Visit Jerusalem – Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro and Jordan B Peterson in Israel
TRAILER: "How can you be wise enough, so that your fundamental attitude to the world is one of gratitude?" "Are you telling the greatest story ever told?" See why they got an astonishingly long, impassioned standing ovation from an audience filled with adulation. (Video)
Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro in Jerusalem, Israel
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B. Berger

The First Book
"The more ideas are dependent on a given idea, the more fundamental that idea is. So now imagine you have an aggregation of texts in a civilization. Which are the fundamental texts? The answer is: The texts upon which most other texts depend. In Western Civilization, you'd put Shakespeare way in there, because so many texts are dependent on Shakespeare's literary revelations. Milton and Dante would be in that category - fundamental authors. Not because of the arbitrary dictates of power, but because those texts influenced more other texts. Then think about that as a hierarchy with the Bible at its base, which is certainly the case. Now, imagine the entire corpus of linguistic production - literally, how do you understand that? You sample, by listening and reading, build your perceptions into a representation of reality inside you, and then you listen and see through that. And so it isn't that the Bible is true. It's that the Bible is the precondition for the manifestation of truth. Which makes it way more true than just true. It's a whole different kind of true. It's the only way we can solve the problem of perception." Paraphrased from Dr. Jordan Peterson

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