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Lamb Chops Cancel the Cancel Culture

A humorous Australian Lamb ad cancels the cancel culture. See why we're tired of trigger-happy shaming squashing public discourse and basic truths.
CANCEL CULTURE printed on braille typewriter

From Socrates to Descartes, dialectic was principally a technique of the mind to discover truth. “Cancel Culture” blocks dialectic conversations and the search for what’s true and best, with its hyper-focus on ordinary life’s flaws and mistakes. See this satire on how cancel-culture has gotten out-of-control. Then read on to understand what to do about it.

Lilly Silverton sums it up nicely:

“Remember that cancelling is not actually about morality; it’s about dominance. It’s not an attempt to help you be a better person or see a genuine error (people can reach out in private to do that). It’s an attempt to control you. The people doing the cancelling do not have the moral high ground.”

Better understand what you can do about cancelling the “Cancel Culture” in your life in Ms. Silverton’s insightful article,
All the Reasons Why Cancel Culture is So Toxic for our Mental Health

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Nathan Epstein
Nathan Epstein
1 year ago
Rating :

Love this site! There’s always thought provoking and entertaining material, including videos, that in a minutes, gives the day an extra boost and smile. Fantastic! Two thumbs up 👍.

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