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Newsweek Contest Promotes Truth in Social Media

Newsweek is launching a contest asking students to record 2-minute-long videos debating potential policy solutions to social media’s harmful effects. “If social media continues to erode our shared sense of truth and make it harder for us to find common ground, how are we going to address the many seemingly insurmountable threats we face as a society?”

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Who Needs Truth?

Who Needs Truth?

If news can be fake and facts have alternatives, how are we to know what’s true anymore? Does a post-truth politics tilt toward tyranny? Join the Aspen Institute and The Cooper Union in association with The Public Theater’s Public Forum for an event featuring Harvard Political Philosopher Michael Sandel leading a debate on the truth in our society.

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What's Truly Real?

What’s Truly Real?

What is really real? What do you think is real? Pondering the difference may be philosophy’s most daunting pursuit. How could you ever know the difference? Fortunately, our world provides some helpful guides for this journey. Join Hank’s “Crash Course” in exploring Plato’s “Myth of the Cave” and other sources of insight.

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2 Men Discussing Truth

The Secular Search for Truth

Everyone wants to know ‘truth. From atheists to saints, people ponder, what is truth, its meaning, its theories? We argue about truth and fight about it. But what are some of the ideas behind “truth” itself? Featuring interviews with intellectuals Simon Blackburn, Raymond Tallis, John Hawthorne, John Hick, and Michael Shermer.

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Avoid 12 Biases – Make Better Decisions

📹 Cognitive biases are built-in human flaws in logical thinking. They form a path to bad decisions. Learning about these ideas can reduce errors in your thought process, leading you to a more successful life.

Hans Rosling

How Not to Be Unworldly

▶ VIDEO – Watch the author of “FACTFULNESS”:
How much do you know about the world? Hans Rosling demonstrates you have a high statistical chance of being quite wrong. Play along with his audience quiz. Learn 4 ways to get less ignorant, quickly.

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Elizabeth Homes on the cover of Forbes

Theranos: So Hard to Tell the Truth

The world’s youngest self-made billionairess, Elizabeth Holmes, built Theranos, a magnificent mirage. It was brought to its knees by the truth. Whistleblower Erika Cheung speaks with humility and candor about truth and the courage to step forward for the good of humanity.

scam alert letting text on black background

Excusing Lies that might Become True

People more willingly spread misinformation they think might become true. Learn how our imagination affects political disagreement and our willingness to excuse misinformation.

Egg with the American Egg Board logo

The Eggs-act Truth?

Freedom of Information Act documents reveal the U.S. Department of Agriculture had quite an entertaining struggle with the egg industry, to get them to stick to the truth about an egg’s safety and nutrition.

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