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3 Ways to Stop Fooling Yourself

Styx - Tommy Shaw & Contemporary Youth Orchestra
What’s the Most Effective Way of Overcoming Self-Deception? (Includes the song "Fooling Yourself" and thoughts from Professor J. Peterson) (Video)

Fooling Yourself (Tommy Shaw & Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra)

Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw’s rousing 2016 solo turn with the Cleveland-based Contemporary Youth Orchestra was spectacular. “It was so much bigger and more everlasting than any of us imagined it would be,” marvels Shaw. Under the direction of principal conductor/founder Liza Grossman, alongside guitarist/musical director Will Evankovich and backed by the next generation of the finest high-school-aged musicians in Ohio, Shaw also celebrates the tenth anniversary of Styx’s triumphant 2006 One With Everything performance with the CYO. Here, the CYO & Chorus bring new life to many classic band and solo tracks in front of an enthusiastic audience at the intimate Waetjen Auditorium in Cleveland. See and hear the magic in this track, “Fooling Yourself.”

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B. Berger

B. Berger

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