Building a Loving World...


Positive Relationship Education


Eight topics: Respect, Compassion, Listening, Kindness, Gratitude, Love, Friendship, Care Reduced: Bullying, vandalism, neglect, depression, abuse, discrimination, anger, feuding 

Increased: Mental and physical health, selfesteem, success, happiness, good relationships

Life skills: Team building, problem solving, creativity and innovation for life success
For teachers and students 11 years and older: Easy to implement, low-cost and powerful   



Students are more accepting, calm, kind, honest, communal.”
Theresa Foster, Manchester Communication Academy, UK


“Loving Classroom reduced truancy, bullying and increased student cohesion.”
Mrs. Maseko, Mncube High School, Soweto, South Africa


“I was amazed! Mutual respect fixed the discipline problems in our class.”

Shulamit Devush, Shalon High School, Kiryat Gat, Israel


“Loving classroom is truly admirable! It deserves to be effectively applied in all the classrooms of the world, especially in big cities and in depressed areas —            in their, and in humanity’s, enlightened best interest.” Dr. Ervin László, Italy


“A loving classroom is the foundation for all education and Loving Classroom is building that foundation.” Dr. Leon Bernstein, Lead UK Ofsted School Inspector


“Loving Classroom is very important it helps  us build self-esteem.




“Many of us come from unhappy homes. This is the first time I’ve felt love in life.”

“Now that I’m getting on with my classmates, I’m doing better in my exams.”



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